• Fairtrade tea time


    *leaf and tagged tea

    *chai, herbal, black

    its time :)
  • #Fairtrade coffee




    being the difference
  • Fairtrade cocoa

    "In Côte d’Ivoire, female cocoa farmers do more than two-thirds of the work but get less than one quarter of the income generated.

    Fairtrade not only guarantees farmers a minimum price, it tackles this gender inequality right across the world."

    Fairtrade Foundation

  • its butterfly time

    ... the cooler seasons lends time to stop, rethink, reflect on becoming the butterfly we are ...

  • gathering spaces

    like green spaces in a city, community gatherings bring refreshment too.

    fairtrade for all
  • Fair Trade Faith Conference

    May 31- June 1 2019

    Springwood Uniting Church Centre

    4 Lewin Street

    Springwood, NSW 2777

    All welcome