Fair trade at home

December 12, 2016

Fair trade @ home

    For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Mt 6:21


Each day an endless parade of products pass through our hands. Every day we make hundreds of decisions that involve trade in some form or another. Decisions from what to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner, to what clothes and shoes should we buy to which sheets and linen should we own and everything else in-between. Big and small, monumental and minute, these everyday decisions are all part of how we steward our time, talents, and resources.

How often do we view these goods and services with gratitude?

How often do we associate wealth and well-being with having the ‘right things’?

Sometimes our judgement and self-esteem are affected by society’s standards, meaning certain goods and services identify us as being successful or not. Freedom from this is a painstaking journey of self-awareness and living with purpose.

In taking time out to work out how we make choices increases self-knowledge. It helps us recognise if we choose from habit (i.e. mum did it), or social influence or peer pressure. It assists us to see ourselves with clarity and know ourselves better.

The Bible calls us to hold all things lightly, to use them responsibly, be grateful and serve in faith. So, how do we steward all the resources we have?

How do we enjoy the daily interactions of goods and services that touch our lives?


Clothes we wear?

The Baptist World Aid has recently put out their latest Ethical Fashion Guide, with the aim that we all can - Be Love. End Poverty.  In it they ask ‘Does shopping ‘ethically’ make much of a difference? You would be amazed at the difference your purchasing decisions can make! Since the first edition of the Ethical Fashion Guide in 2013….’

·         30% more companies are working to trace where their fabrics come from

·         Over 20% more companies are working to trace where their raw material are coming from

·         The number of companies investing in paying fairer wages to workers has increased significantly over the last three years, (21%)

So yes, your choice to purchase ethically and responsibly does make a difference. If you want to know more, check out The Baptist World Aid website www.behindthebarcode.org.au


Everyday fair trade 2 home

·         Fresh, ethical, organic – fairtrade coffee and tea               

·         After school treats – fairtrade hot/cold chocolate drink

·         Evening treat – fairtrade chocolate

·         Birthday cake – fairtrade organic cocoa for a rich chocolate cake

·         Moisturising, fair trade, natural – fair trade soap

·         Eating for well-being – organic, fair trade seasoning

Being thrifty -

Means ethically sourced, bulk, high quality at an affordable price -

1 kilo fairtrade coffee packs

1 kilo fairtrade leaf tea packs

1 kilo fairtrade cocoa 

1 kilo fairtrade drinking chocolate

As John F Kennedy said, all those many years ago…

"One person can make a difference, and everyone should try"




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