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Christmas advent calendar DIY Rustic

DIY rustic advent calendar ,when Christmas is more than the day, its the lead up too.

This advent calendar is different, because it is about being with each other rather than being 'treat' orientated.

In saying that we do include a packet of delicious dark chocolate ruffles, to put in the pouches as you like.


As you, your partner or children look at it each day and pull out a 'together activity' you' ll be encouraged by a whole season of warmth and love.  They may come up with their own suggestions,  creating treasured memories.


All the pouches are fair trade, handmade and from hessian burlap, it can be reused with your added creative flair each year.


It is a small activity that not only touches your family, it touches people far beyond who you know... the kindness spreads.


What you receive ~

  • 24 fair trade hessian burlap pull string pouches

  • 2 fair trade terracotta decorations in white

  • a small bundle of cord/ribbon to help tie some of the pouches onto the branch (op shop gather)

  • a print out of 30 small activity ideas

  • 1 Alter Eco Fairtrade dark Chocolate truffles 13 Clip art - Christmas ideas | clip art, christmas clipart, christmas  images

What you need -

  • smooth piece of drift wood, dowel or fallen branch from the garden or bush

  • 1 nail or hook to hang it up

  • Or wrap a picture already on the wall and store it safely(under the bed..?) for the season, then hang this up in its place. Once you work this out, you can do the same next year.


a few of the 30 ideas of simple, easy Christmas activities to will receive -

  • go on a nature walk and create a Christmas nature wreath

  • make a Christmas card for grandma and grandpa

  • pick a toy to wrap up and give to charity

  • have a bubble bath for fun

  • read a book about the birth of Jesus and the meaning of Christmas 

  • go somewhere fun you haven't gone before

  • grab a book and cuddle on the couch 

  • brew a coffee and share ‘time’ with a friend

  • draw a Christmas picture with your kids

  • make a string of paper Christmas stars to hang up while listening to Christmas music

" Christmas is love come down to earth, a gift of infinite worth."

13 Clip art - Christmas ideas | clip art, christmas clipart, christmas  images


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