craft a card animals

A craft pack to create cards, paint a picture and stickers to let others know the Eco status of your creation.


You receive a whole bunch of things -

  • 5 sheets recycled elephant dung paper,
  • 14 elephant dung animal shapes,
  • 8 coloured vegetable oil pastels,
  • 12 Eco Max sticker seals
  • 10 elephant dung cards
  • 10 elephant dung envelopes
  • a story card on elephants

 A good gift for the crafty person or for rainy/slow days

Fair Trade, Handmade in Sri Lanka by the Araliya Community Company imported by Import Ants, a Fair-Trader of Australia. 

Araliya Community Company –

This amazing group of women show how determination and a little help, can grow a Fair Trade industry from a small idea. The women are employed on permanent part time, where each member owns a share of the company and contributes in all the company’s decisions. The products sold by this wonderful company not only allow these women to earn an income but provide a network for social change, group discussion and contribute to the Don Severino Fabriani Institute for hearing impaired.




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