the recycling story in Asia

The recycling story in western nations has many hands, machinery and households wanting to care for our world and stop major pollution of our water ways and environment in general.

In Asian nations plastics are a status symbol of wealth.... "we too want to drink soft drinks with plastic straws, the modern way, like the western nations do..." , which of course is detrimental, which we are all aware and need to spread the story wider.

So when people in developing nations like Bangladesh have a kit to teach people about recycling and the hazards of throw away plastics....well it should be supported.

The difference in this is they do it all by hand!

Here is their story in picture form!

You receive -

  • a set of photo cards of men and women working..hands on..
  • a few samples of what they make - a paper box, a paper dragonfly, a recycled trinket holder, a small note book, and a small woven mat!
  • it all comes in recycled pouch which can hold little necessities in the bathroom or bedroom

a great kit for home school or home learning about recycling in Asia.

Very well produced.


 Made by Prokritee( part of the Charity Foundation of MCC) - a Bangladesh handicrafts organisation creating bridges from rural Artisans to you,

Ensuring quality of life for artisans by ensuring quality of products to us.



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