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basket set nest (2)

A  lovely set of hand-woven sea-grass (hogla) baskets, as fruit baskets or indoor plant holders. They are made under Fair Trade principles, while caring for the environment by reducing the sea-grass clogging water ways.

Handy in the kitchen, in the bathroom or for indoor plants.

When using them for your plants, line the bottom with ceramic saucer that fits the bottom, so the water doesn't run through. 

  • A tip I learnt from my mother...when it rains place all your indoor plants outside for a wash, good soft all through watering and a breath of fresh every time...

You will receive a set of 2; measuring 21 x14cm and 17 c 12cm


Country of production – Handmade, Bangladesh;  a select group of artisans, working under fair trade principles, have made them for us at Tribes and Nations. 

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