Fair Trade baskets & bags

fair trade beauty bag fuschia

A beauty bag empowering life in Africa in gorgeous the colours of burgundy and turquoise to hold your essentials.

These beautiful  beauty bags, each have a panel of  hand-sown beads and stitching on shweshwe fabric. This fabric is created by hand-printing using a special technique on calico.

 A small choice, as global citizens, growing fairness, sustainability and unity between tribes and nations- beautiful and useful

Size: 25cm wide x 14cm tall

Fair Trade: Hand Made: South Africa

Using the hands to create, care and share is the ethos behind this amazing organisation and their products.
These stunning bags are made by women working from home using traditional skills such a weaving and bead work. The women work around their daily chores, and also teach their skills to the younger generation, as well as learn new skills such as working with fabric. As the skill set and confidence of the artisans grow, the products become more intricate and unique. These bags are the result of more then 9 years of creating, learning, designing and coming together to make a vision a reality.
The sale of these gorgeous and colourful bags supports the local communities through a feeding scheme, aid for those suffering with illness, a small creche, and more.

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