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fair trade gift set reflection

Taking time to reflect on life is where we stop, not just for a breather but to see where we are heading is where we want to go. I feel a regular stop, helps keep track of the essentials that need to be done in the day, week or life on the big scale.

Taking time to brew a delicious handcrafted chai or delicious hot chocolate during the day, slows things down to begin reflection and then sipping it for the next 10 minutes allow you to focus on what you want.

Maybe a journal on the table, will help you write some notes to self, to read before hopping into bed as confirmation.

The highlight of this gift is the gorgeous purse made from shweshwe fabric with beautiful bead embroidery, a lasting gift created with traditional village skills.

In the gift pack you receive

  • 1 - Jasper's Fairtrade, organic, carbon neutral, rich delicious drinking chocolate
  • 1-  100% organic and fairtrade honey soaked chai handcrafted here in Australia, with Fairtrade products
  • 1 - handcrafted Fair Trade Shwe Shwe purse with beadwork




Made in South Africa: Handmade – Fair trade

The Shwe Shwe project  ethos is to use hands to create, care and share. The women work form home using traditional skills such as weaving and bead-work. They work around their daily chores and teach the skills to the younger generation along the way.

The name Shwe Shwe comes from the rustling sound the material makes when worn as a dress.

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