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Fair Trade hamper bee inspiring

            ~  beautiful ~ encouraging ~ engaging  ~

A good hamper adding beauty to this world by encouraging the many we don't see face to face by engaging our heart and soul.

A beautiful  hand woven shopping basket, filled with fairtrade, organic and environmentally friendly goods to encourage and empower the producers while enlivening your heart and generating ripples of good beyond imagination.

bee Inspiring - empower life!

This Fair Trade gift hamper came about when I discovered that Bee's create a lot of good, with out destroying the environment or hurting people....well unless you bother them! 

"Do you realise how important you are to the well being of this good earth we live in? Do you realise your intentional choice ripples out far and wide?

You are like a bee, who pollinates to grow good, creates sweetness, and without them the world would struggle severely for food. Each bee does their thing for their hive, and in doing so, touches the greater good.  This is you!" - Mignonne

You receive ~

  • 1 x Scarborough Fair Fairtrade 100 tea bags, preservative free
  • 1 x Fairtrade Soul Warming Ethiopian blend coffee 250g
  • 1 x Bennetto Fairtrade, organic, dark chocolate 100g
  • 1 x HoneyBee set of 3 wraps
  • 1 x Grow Good livefair mini-zine
  • 1 x What is Fairtrade? leaflet
  • 1 x hand woven sea-grass tote
bee inspiring spread the good.... its a beautiful hamper full of goodness, that is encouraging and engaging.


PRESENTATION - all Tribes and Nations basket hampers will arrive with a ribbon/fabric/hemp/hessian around the basket

  • We can add a shipping tag, handwritten for free with “from” and “to” details.

Naked hampers ~ They are presented free of cellophane, essentially naked with an absolute minimum of packaging to reduce waste. The vast majority of packaging will be compostable or recyclable with a handful of re-purposed bubble-wrap being used on glass products.
The hogla fair trade basket is of contemporary design and more specifically intended to be reused.


FAIRTRADE or Fair Trade the products in Tribes and Nations hampers are either a FAIRTRADE or a fair trade product. The first refers to the international certification that mostly deals with commodities such as coffee. The second refers to mostly handcrafted goods which may have come from a charity group, a WFTO certified group or simply a micro enterprise that is improving the lives of the poor.

BULK ORDERS If you are sending many hampers to a single or multiple location we can help you with that. Email Grant at grant@tribesandnations.com.au

CONTENTS The photos on the website are an indication of the contents of the hamper. Where for reasons beyond our control certain products are out of stock we will replace those with the equivalent quality/value product or higher.

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