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Father's day treat - journal and a DIY card, so you can make it personal and create memories  - till 3rd Sept 2021.

The handcrafted paper animal motifs will vary.

Journaling has to be a single, most, instrumental simple action that helps you work out life. There is nothing to hold you back, you can speak how you want, describe your worst day and the very best.

It can take all your emotions and quite often when you write out your problem, some how, the solution is revealed.

I have journalled since teenage years, not so much as dear diary, mostly about issues, desires and hopes. When I look back, I see how things I have desired have come about, and it also shows me solutions I have long worked out, but only recently taken action!!

“Journal writing, when it becomes a ritual for transformation, is not only life-changing but life-expanding.” – Jen Williamson

Measurement: 15cm x 25cm, 50 water hyacinth paper pages.


 Fair Trade Made -Prokritee Bangladesh -  a fair trade handicrafts organisation creating bridges from rural artisans to you.

The women artisans of Biborton Handmade paper create the paper harvesting and hand processing the invasive water hyacinth that clog the rivers and canals.

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