growgood - liveFair

A Christian perspective ~

A mini booklet encouraging each other to live as salt and light.

The bible calls us to encourage each other as long as it is called ‘today’, and that is what this booklet is about.

Its a bite size booklet, with thoughts, points, ideas and tips, helping us to live as salt – today.

The encouragement is for you to take to time to reflect on these, your life, your values and what heritage seeds do you want to sow today for your children tomorrow. It’s listening to your heart, being open and willing to learn and ‘growgood’ from your home.

Its a slow movement of change. It doesn’t stop us from going where we want or achieving our desires, its building global compassionate thinkers, for a better world, from home.

Your receive -

1 ‘growgood’ booklet,

1 slab of Bennetto’s fairtrade, organic, vegan chocolate,

1 mini fair trade note book - for your reflections

3 sachets of tea

Give your self some time, make a cup of tea, enjoy some chocolate, then read the booklet.

See what draws your attention, lean into it and see where it takes you.

If you are person of Faith, this is when you pray and listen to what our Father in heaven is saying to you. Start small and it will evolve.

Many blessings, my prayers go with this booklet to you. - Mignonne


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