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Fair Trade, 100% cotton tea towel smoke

Fair Trade, 100% cotton tea towel, hand-woven in the tonal colour of smoke. Use it in the kitchen or line the bread basket at your next outdoor gathering or if you want to uphold your no waste stand, use it to wrap your wholemeal loaf of bread from the farmers market.

"We believe in having good quality, long wearing, cotton tea towels in the kitchen, the heart of every home.

We also believe we can have them fair trade made making it cohesive to living ethically.

I have a few in my kitchen drawer which I pull out for all sorts of purposes. At the end of the day, they go in the wash, with a fresh couple out for the next day. Every day fair trade for everyday living." -Mignonne

  • These are large and easy to wash

  • Take one to wrap your freshly baked bread from your local organic produce store or farmers market

  •  Line your bread basket for your next gathering.

Size – 70cm x 50cm  

Colour – gray with a hint of olive

Hand-made In - South India

Artisans – Hubli Hospital, South India. A hospital working to rehabilitate patients affected with leprosy, polio and disabling injuries.

Mind-set – live ethical, chose Fair Trade, support underprivileged people with major disabilities.



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