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kitchen dish brush

It’s not often that you think choosing your kitchen products makes a statement. But now more than ever, our choices about everyday products such as these can have a serious impact socially and environmentally.


Having natural, earth-friendly, fair trade materials for home is making more and more sense. Being natural, means chemical free, which is good for us and is sustainable. Being earth-friendly keeps the environment healthy and Fair Trade, well, it allows our neighbour who helps us live well, live well themselves. I encourage you to make them a part of your natural home.

The Kitchen dish brush features -

  • coconut fibre from the coconut husk
  • galvanised wire so it wont rust
  • sustainable timber
  • cotton cord

Its ideal for daily washing up.

  • Its biodegradable
  • environmentally-friendly
  • 100% natural vegetable fibre

The benefits of coconut fibre are - 

  • its naturally anti-bacterial - meaning it won’t become smelly and mouldy
  • not plastic
  • bio-degradable

Handmade in Sri Lanka

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