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natural fibre pot scrubber

Fresh stock arrived!

A simple, natural fibre pot scrubber for the kitchen, that gets the job done. Its made from coconut husk fibre (the husk of the shell). I use mine to scrub teflon coat fry-pans, saucepans and the stainless steel sink. Also scrub my wooden cutting boards with hot water and salt, before I place them in the sun. I then give them a good scrub again to wash the salt out and sun-dried again.

After running under hot water, and shaking the water out, I leave it on the dish rack to air dry.

The coconut tree once again proves to be ecologically sustainable. It provides our needs today, including a productive life for the producer; sustaining good living for all.

Benefits of coconut fibre being used ~

  • it's naturally anti-bacterial - meaning it won’t become smelly and mouldy
  • not plastic
  • bio-degradable

It is dishwasher safe (top shelf) and great for scrubbing those hard to clean pots and pans. Dry in the sun or hang to air dry.

Handmade in Sri Lanka for Import Ants - a Fair Trader of Australia

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