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waterproof paper pottery a touch of gold

A genuine waterproof, unbreakable paper pot plant holder that prevents those water stain marks on your wooden furniture and floors. They are plastic free, eco ~friendly and fair trade, adding a little touch of gold to your home

“Eco Max Paper Pottery is a contemporary range of designer pots and accessories handmade from paper.

Lined with natural latex rubber and coated with a protective water repellent layer on the outside, Paper Pottery is completely waterproof.

  • Paper Pottery is ethically hand-made in Sri Lanka using only sustainable and recycled materials.

  • The plant holder is designed to fit the Australian standard plastic pot used by growers (200ml).

  • Paper Pottery is waterproof, unbreakable, light weight, plastic-free and beautifully versatile.

Ideal at home

_ as a vase

_ decorative pot for gift giving

_ unbreakable planter ( child proof) “

From Import Ants, a Fair Trader of Australia

Measurement – 200 ml x 200ml

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