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eco friendly soft face scrub

Well, for all the face  cream scrubs we women purchase to keep our face fresh with a certain glow, here is a natural , plastic free product, with no micro-beads. Its a soft brush made from natural jute for sensitive areas like our face and décolletage.

The purpose being face brushing helps remove the dead skin cells to make way for the younger, healthier skin beneath.

We shed our skin cells every month, which clog up our skin if we dont exfoliate. This gentle way of invigorating your skin will open up the pores for better absorption of skincare products. 

Its a soothing down time as you give your self a quick home facial. Wrap yourself in your dressing gown, pull your hair up and start gently stroking upwards. All it takes is about 10 minutes in total; maybe just before you jump in for your evening shower. Its recommended we do it twice a week, especially for dry or aged skin and apparently up to 4 times if you have oily skin. 


It features  ~ 

  • soft fibre from the jute plant
  • sustainable timber
  • cotton cord
  • suitable for vegan concious 

Care - wash regularly and place in the sun to dry. Don’t leave damp or  in water for prolonged periods

Handmade in Sri Lanka for Import Ants , a Fair Trader of Australia. 

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