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Fairtrade Store in a Box Remember

Fairtrade Store in a Box – Remember

When your heart calls you to go that little further in remembering the poor and those who make the products we enjoy here is a gem to  enable you to do so.

Why call it Remember?

Well, remembering is an action, and actions speak louder than words. 

It transforms our thoughts, which flows into our daily life, which we inherently pass on to family and our children.

"Our individual actions may seem insignificant but the small steps we take can have an astonishing impact". Don't under estimate it


I guess the values we live, our children take on as a way of life.

Also, it helps to

  • remember who we are, where we are and the voice we have

  • remember the resources we have and the choices we can make

  • remember we are making a difference to many lives

And to know - in remembering these truths we gain a certain richness to life that money can’t buy.

You receive -

  • 6 freshly roasted coffees 250g

  • 1 Fairtrade Instant coffee 200g

  • 6 varieties of Fairtrade teas - 25 bags

  • 1 Fairtrade crafted chai

  • 2 boxes of 100 Fairtrade Tea bags

  • 8 slabs of chocolates

  • 1 Organic Fairtrade cocoa 250g

  • 1 table mat for ‘taste and see plate' - free

Pack Value

The total value is $186, which is yours for $150, plus postage.

We also include a few things you can use  as 'taste and see'.

There is one packet of Fairtrade coffee which is free and two chocolates have been reduced in cost. Make up a plunger of coffee and break up a slab of chocolate (small pieces) onto a plate, so your friends and family can sip some coffee and taste a bit of chocolate. Let them 'taste and see' the quality.

The rest of the goods are available for you to on sell at its full value.


Places to host a gathering ?

  •  At a church or community gathering.
  • After church service
  • Celebrate Fair Trade Fortnight in August (the first two weeks)
  • At Spring Fetes or Christmas events

 Cost: $150.00 plus freight.


If you think you would like to run a regular stall

'everyday living - everyday fairtrade' @Home or @Church or @Community gatherings  -  give us a call on 02 4751 7071

A regular small stall for your friends and family so they can get their Fairtrade certified goods, while you all have a bit of down time, over a cup of coffee and bite of chocolate, is when people share their thinking that changes everyday actions.



 To find out more about the Fair Trade Store in Box  click here

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