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HONDURAN Organic coffee subscription 250 g for 12 deliveries

Honduran Organic  fairtrade coffee subscription 250 g of 12 deliveries, including post, you name the time period of fortnightly, monthly or bi monthly.

No need to lift a finger to reorder but yours is only to be pleasantly surprised as you come home to see it waiting on your doorstep.

Feel free to pause this subscription at any time while you go on holidays or for whatever reason. We look forward to serving you!

As someone who loves fresh, quality coffee and the farmer who grew it we offer you our Fairtrade coffee subscription. Consistently receive quality ethical coffee to your door.

Your coffee options are below.

You can enjoy:

  • Coffee that is genuinely fresh arriving at your door!
  • the pleasant surprise of a new bag of coffee each week, fortnight or month
  • no need to go online and order anymore
  • a local action with global impact

The Honduras is a Fair Trade Organic coffee from the CARUCHIL Cooperative. It is the smoothest of all our coffees, sitting well among a varied group of coffee lovers. 

The CARUCHIL farmers are located in Marcala and grow mostly Bourbon, Cafe Lempira, and Catuai varietals of coffee. This a fully washed coffee that is sundried on cement patios.

After obtaining Fair Trade Certification in 1993, revenues from Fair Trade sales helped contribute to recent improvements and acquisitions, including the purchase of three new coffee dryer machines that will help producers particularly on rainy days during the harvest season. CARUCHIL’s recent technical improvements will have a positive environmental impact as all of the plant b-yproducts are recycled and reused. Coffee husks and wood pulp fuel the dryers and the water used is first filtered in large ponds before being returned to the river system.

The group currently has over 325 members, of which over 30 are women

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