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Birko 100 cup coffee percolator

These smartly styled Birko Percolators are available in highly polished 304 food service stainless steel and are capable of brewing up to a hundred cups of delicious, piping hot coffee at a time. 
After brewing, the coffee is then held at the ideal temperature, ready to be served at your convenience.  They are efficient and easy to operate.
You receive -  
  • Real percolated coffee brewed to perfection 
  • 3 free packs of 250g Tribes and Nations Fairtrade coffee for you to sample, so you know your next purchase
  • Instructions for clarity of opperation
  • Cost is inclusive of GST
Churches, NFP Organisations and Charities get 10% discount on all Tribes and Nations Fairtrade ground coffee
It features include
  • non-drip taps
  • stay-cool handles 
  • an on/off switch.
  • It also has a "coffee-brewed" signal
  • a coffee level sight glass. 
The percolator's all-metal construction features a double sealed base to protect the electrical components from moisture. 
This Birko product is quality equipment, with a full "back to base" 12 month warranty. 
  • Postage at cost to all locations in Australia.
  • The percolator cost is inclusive of GST
Simply add cold water and fresh coffee grounds and you’re ready to serve deliciously brewed Fairtrade coffee that makes a difference. 

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