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Fairtrade decaf coffee egalite

To our regular decaf customers - please note, the current decaf bean available is Fairtrade single origin from Peru.

Its not the blend we have had, and comes in a Kraft, sealed coffee pouch.

It is still Swiss Water Processed.

~ we named our Fairtrade decaf coffee - 'Egalite', which is French for equality ~ equality for underprivileged coffee farmers in developing nations.

Its where your choice speaks up for those whose who don't have a choice. At Tribes and Nations we want to give you Fairtrade goods, that add purpose and deeper value to your daily actions.

  • Just think - a cup of decaf coffee you enjoy each day is growing good in another part of our world.

Decaffeinated with the Swiss Water Process using fresh mountain water that allows the maximum of flavour to remain. This is also well known as the purest form of decaffeinate as most other methods use some form of chemical.

(This blend comes from the hands of farmers from Indonesia, Peru and Honduras.)

Organic certified by OCC Australia

Our roaster, Lane, has been servicing both cafes and individuals in both Australia and overseas for more than 26 years now. He lends his skills to the roasting of this blend.

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