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Fair Trade coffee set medley

A medley of 3 x 250g packs of Fairtrade coffee at a slightly reduced rate for you to enjoy at leisure or give as a gift.

We seek to keep things simple, with the Ethiopian coffee a blend and the Honduran a single origin, organic bean. Both carry the Fairtrade label


  • The dark roasts are stronger in flavour than the mild roast.
  • you can choose (below) to have beans or ground


In choosing our coffee medley (250g) you receive 3 varieties to  taste the different coffee notes from caramel to chocolate.


You can chose to have beans or ground or espresso grind.


After trying our our coffee for freshness and flavour you might like to join our Fairtrade coffee subscription service, for your regular delivery of fresh coffee.


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Image result for fairtrade coffee quote




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