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Fairtrade Collection - 24 ethical products from 7 passionate Fair Trade brands in 1 collection adding #livefair value to your home.

This assortment of ' daily bread' goods such as coffee, tea, soap and vegan sauces enable you to 'be change' from your kitchen.

Those of us who are the gatekeepers of our homes, especially homes with children, we know its not only a place of love, nesting and care, it also nurtures for the future and this is where the Fairtrade Collection is of benefit.

The whole collection is an experience.

You can hold it in your hands, smell the aroma of coffee and tea, taste it and know the quality of the soap as you shower, you ll sense the goodness and integrity as you and your family enjoy it all.

You receive -

  • 6 Tribes and Nations freshly roasted coffees 250g( 2 beans & 4 ground)

  • 2 Zoetic varieties, organic tea 25 bags

  • 2 English Tea shop Fairtrade tea bags

  • 1 The Fresh Chai company Fairtrade crafted chai

  • 1 box of 100 Fairtrade Tea bags - Tradewinds

  • 6 slabs of chocolates - Bennetto

  • 2 fair trade vegan sauces - Kokonut pacific

  • 3 soaps - Kokonut pacific
  • 1 100% cotton tea towel - Uplift

Included  are 3 free items -

1 Coffee, 1 Tea, 1 slab of chocolate for you to champion change in your own way, to encourage stewardship among your circle of influence and feel the satisfaction of doing good from your kitchen.

We also include information on Fairtrade  so you can see the ripples of change happening and have better understanding.

Read below to get a glimpse of Fair Trade at work in the world.


"Fair Trade supports some of the most bio-diverse farming systems in the world. When you visit a Fair Trade coffee grower's fields, with the forest canopy overhead and the sound of migratory songbirds in the air, it feels like you're standing in the rainforest."

-- Professor Miguel Altieri, Leading expert and author on agroecology

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Fair Trade is knowing you are 'light' in your home, growing good from your own kitchen table.

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