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Honduras Organic Fairtrade Coffee 1kg

Tribes and Nations single origin, organic Honduras Fairtrade coffee is available in two popular roasts – Dark and Mild. It comes in beans, ground or espresso grind in 1kg and 250g packs.

Please note supplier price increase September 2021

Please choose which one you would like (below) dark or mild roast, bean, ground or espresso grind.

We registered with the Fairtrade Label Organisation to carry Fairtrade Coffee in 2006 as our commitment and your guarantee that it is Fairtrade from the grower to your hand. Our accreditation is FLO ID 5324.

The choice made for your Fairtrade daily latte makes great global impact on fair prices, gender equality, all the while uplifting the small-hold subsistence coffee farmer.
Fairtrade coffee is the lasting change we all can make for a better society by making it our given choice.
Cupping Notes from our roaster
Dark roast
"Full bodied and rich with flavours of roasted nuts, dark chocolate & herbal spice. Very fine and well balanced. There is some distinct citrus sweetness and a long smooth aftertaste."

Mild roast
"Bright and snappy, the light roast amplifies the citrus sweetness (think oranges). A combination of straw and sweet spices abound in the aroma."

Heritage of this organic single origin
The Hondurans have been producing a very popular Bourbon varietal of the Arabica for many years now. Each season the green beans on offer are chosen for quality and consistency with these characteristics that Australian coffee lovers have come to enjoy. Being one of the early movers to Fairtrade, their quality quickly improved as they could see consistent and even increasing prices for their sun dried harvest.

Our Specialty Roaster, Lane, has been servicing both cafes and individuals in both Australia and overseas for more than 26 years now. He lends his skills to the roasting and blending so that quality need not be compromised when choosing ethical coffee.

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