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Organic Fairtrade premium loose leaf tea 1kg

Fairtrade, organic, premium loose leaf Ceylon Tea in 1 kg packets.

A high-quality, single origin, Broken Orange Pekoe leaf tea (BOP) that is Fairtrade and organic certified from the nation of Sri Lanka or Ceylon as it was previously known.

The BOP tea comes from the bud and its two youngest leaves, known as the fresh flush from the new growth of the tea bush. There is no orange flavour to it, its the name given to this high grade quality of tea from nations like Sri Lanka and India.

Its a single origin, consisting of true leaves which hydrate when brewed, releasing good flavour, rich yet mellow, with a brewing time of about 3-4 minutes.

It also comes with minimum package for sustainable living.

Taking the time to brew your tea is great when you want to take a break or slow down or share with your neighbour.

testimony -

“Not sure if you've noticed but you've got a new customer….. My neighbour pops 'round for a cup of tea from time to time and the other day he said, "This tea is fantastic, where do you get it from?"

So there you go, tea which is so good it sells itself without any need for jingles.” - we thank you James, and encouraged you share with neighbours

Please note supplier price increase from August 2021 - Mignonne



This single origin, biodynamic tea from our Teas of Integrity range, directly supports the Idulgashinna Organic Bio-tea Estate in Sri Lanka. The cool, slow ripening conditions of our Ceylon Organic high grown tea, create the renowned quality of this region. This is a Broken Orange Pekoe (BOP), with a well twisted curly leaf. Packed in handwoven baskets from a community development project using women’s traditional weaving skills. Store in a cool, dry place.

Producer Information

Idulgashinna Organic Bio Tea Estate – In 1987 this became the first certified organic tea garden in the world.

The social development program at Idulgashinna continues to involve workers in all aspects of the management of the estate. This is raising the standard of living and improving education and health care. It is a radical departure from conditions on most tea estates, where there is a big gap between the management and workers, and where workers live in very basic conditions with poor access to education and health care.

“We are now living in healthy houses with a healthy environment”

 Mrs WM Nirmala, Social Development Committee

Certification Status          Fairtrade Certified           NASAA Certified Organic     Certified Pure Ceylon Tea

    Region     :    Uva

    Producer Group     :     Idulgashinna Tea Estate

    Tasting Notes     :    A full-bodied light liquoring tea. Aromatic with a bright flavour, and long finish.

    Tea Type    :    Single Origin Black Tea

    Leaf Grade     :    BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe)

    Ingredients    :    100% organic black tea


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