african shoulder bag bougainvillea

A gorgeous fair trade, shoulder bag made from the natural, robust sisal plant, that can be a basket too. Generous in size, long lasting and vibrant.

The beautiful bougainvillea in the colour purple is seen vividly through out Africa and definitely in Mombasa, which is seen in this bag with leather trim and handles.

They are hand-woven by women, who cut and dry the strong sisal leaves into strips, then dye them in the rich colours of Africa and life by the sea at Mombasa, Kenya.

  • Each one is sold singly; as handcrafted there are slight variances.



Great as a sustainable gift for some one who values living ethically, or for your own personal use.

Size: Approx. 30cm high, 25 cm wide, 40cm long.


Bougainvillea with purple blossoms Photos in .jpg format free and easy  download unlimit id:189769


Each basket is an individual.

Fair Trade South Africa: made in Kenya: Handmade, Fair Trade

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