Fair Trade hand-woven cushion sunflower.

Fair Trade, hand-woven cushion.... Sale ..was $18 ..Now $9.... 50% discount

A great addition to any bed, lounge or for kids to lay on when playing on the floor.

Measures 20cm in diametre and 42cm in length.




  • Hand loomed products produce a natural texture and character with each pass of the weaver’s shuttle. Thus every single product is unique and hand made from beginning to end of production.
  • All FHSL's cotton yarns are dyed with Vat dyes which are an ancient class of dye, based on the original natural dye, Indigo, which is now produced synthetically. As a result we can testify that the colours stay vibrant for many years, even through many washes. The dye process is completely AZO free.
  • The filling  is 100% natural kapoc  -  non allergenic. 
and for you...

As you make your purchase of this FHSL made item you are putting your ‘hand up’ for the worker. This way your conscience clear gift can bring joy on both sides of the sea. When you buy in this way you also send a message to those who watch the buying trends in big business, telling them “I don’t want to assist exploitation with my purchases anymore”. Your buying power is one of the most potent voting tools you have.

Group : Fairtrade Handlooms Sri Lanka (FHSL)

FHSL's approach to business has far reaching benefits. Fair wages are paid to contract weavers in villages. This keeps wealth in the villages, maintains ancient weaving skills, boosts village economies and stymies the developing world mass migrations to the slums of the cities. 

FHSL has gone through the arduous process of becoming WFTO (previously IFAT) accredited which  gives the assurance that they are abiding by fairtrade principles in their payment and treatment of their workers.

For more on the vision and practices of FHSL click here


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