eco-friendly lap desk ...last one

The rise of working from home or anywhere really that isn’t the conventional desk and chair setting. This portable lap desk can take your home office anywhere. The handle is inbuilt for easy carrying, and the bottom curves in to rest easily into your body.

The lap-desk itself is made from salvaged waste wooden shipping crates, and the cushion is made from waste fabric from the Sri Lankan garment industry that would normally go to land fill.

  • The deep, plush cushion is detachable, and can click on either side of the lap desk.

  • The cushion is also fully washable.

  • Its large enough to hold your laptop and other equipment.

  • The cushion stops body heat transfer to your laptop and viceversa

  • Its eco-friendly and surprising light for the size it is.

  • Handle is inbuilt.

  • Size – 54 cm x 37cm


Fair Trade Made: Hand Made: Ethical Inspirations, Sri Lanka.

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