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Kids Fairtrade Netball Size 4 - last one

The RREPP Eco Match & Eco Kids Sports Balls are the only dual certified Fairtrade & Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) presently sold in Australia. In our view, the most ethical and environmentally conscious sports ball on the planet. Every Ball is hand stitched for quality, with unique FSC certified natural rubber outers and FSC latex bladders. And all are match compliant. Even our Eco Fun balls are the Rolls Royce of fun balls. An exact replica of our match balls, dual certified and also hand stitched for quality. No PVC plastics, no poor quality mass production processes, and our producers are well looked after under Fairtrade standards.

Size Guide:

Size 4:   10 - 13 years

By using natural rubber, instead of artificial substitutes such as plastics, it opens one of the many doors that helps to reduce the effects of climate change. Rubber trees amazingly sequester (absorb) more Co2 than most other rainforest species, and are recognised as one of the earth's greatest natural resources. So to our mind, our Sports Balls are the Fairest and most Eco friendly on the planet. As well as being hand stitched for quality by some of the best stitchers in Pakistan, and fully match compliant.


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