salad servers & spoons

coconut wood salad servers

A beautiful set of fair trade coconut wood salad servers where you can see the grains of the coconut shell on the spoon and fork.·You can use them for cooking as well, because that is what most Sri Lankan people @ home. 

  • Versatile for hot and cold dishes
  • Each one is hand-made, eco-friendly and sustainable for the local producer.
  • Place it on the top shelf  of the dishwasher or hand wash
  • Occasionally rub them with some vegetable oil


It does not scratch non-stick and delicate glass surfaces.

Size –   33 cm long                        


Group; Inspirations, Sri Lanka

Inspirations combine fair trade practice with a strong commitment to the environment. These coconut spoons have been made from the ubiquitous coconut tree. Traditionally, these common spoons are used in most Sri Lankan homes, from the wealthy to poor. As the coconut tree is so readily available and necessity being the mother of invention, the locals have made these spoons from the year dot! Today, the founder of Inspirations has made it modern and is looking to take this humble product, international, through Fair Trade.

As these spoons are made from different parts of the coconut tree, which grow locally and readily, they are environmentally friendly and fully sustainable.

Inspirations Sri Lanka was inspired by its founder, Moddy, who seeks to establish Fair Trade supply chains, with emphasis on women of any race, creed or faith who are marginalized by war, social inequities, poverty, natural disasters, sickness or disability.


..And for you

Each purchase of an Inspirations product brings value to you and the environment. Your conscience can take a break and enjoy a little luxury without the standard costs to the earth or its inhabitants.


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