salad servers sets

fair trade olive wood salt cellar

A gorgeous handcrafted, fair trade olive wood salt cellar for the table or grazing board.

You receive  a beautiful bowl with an inlay of blue beads in the bowl and scoop.

Measurement – salt & pepper bowl n scoop 14cm

Rub some olive oil on them every now and then after a wash to keep them long lasting.

Hand Crafted, Fair Trade, East Africa

Wood carving in Kenya provides valuable income to many people in local communities where paid employment can be very scarce.

In the Neem Machakos district, south east of Nairobi, olive wood is being used in place of traditional timbers such as mahogany & ebony in a bid to aid in the reforestation of these timbers.

The carvers from the Kamba tribe obtain permits and supplement their agricultural income through carving. Discarded bone is bleached and dyed using the batik process, before being used for handles and decorations.

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