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Fair Trade sugar spoon hygge

Hygge in Denmark, a place that gains a high ranking on the World happiness Report, means - cosy or contentment. Its where you embrace warmth, safety, relaxing and shelter with loved ones.

Next time you have 'hygge time' with your loved ones, be sure to use this artisan-crafted Fair Trade spoon, to serve up your sugar or cream.

Beautiful, time-honoured craftsmanship always adds an extra depth to the richness of home.

  • Each one is individually crafted
  • Each spoon comes in its own calico pouch, which you see in the background of the photo
  • Good little fair trade gift.

Measurement - 14 cm; price inclusive of calico pouch - hand wash with care, use soap and water

  • Please note due to handcrafted workmanshipthey vary a little.


Conversational Art - South Africa

They employ 100 people and seek creative perfection. 

- Long term work - Clean, airy workplace - Skilled workers - Paid well - Protective clothes - All created by hand - Good work conditions – transparent for all to see - care for workers – a chaplain visits regularly

Different in Art - It’s an explosion of colour, design, unique beauty. The art is a slow creativeness in progress. They create designs with international trend and African culture in mind.

“ Our tableware is created from only pure copper and its alloys. It is handcrafted, annealed, heated and burnished with care to bring out the beautiful colours from within the metals, ensuring that each piece is truly unique. It is hermetically sealed in a high quality coating to prevent tarnishing and should be washed with care in soap and water.”

Meaning of ‘hermetically sealed’….sealed so no air can touch the metal

Workers feedback - “It’s like a good home, there is respect, team work… we enjoy being there…it supports people to support families; working together brings freedom; want to see copper craft go to another level.”

Fair Trade - Handmade - South Africa

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