A Rocha

 'A Rocha'.

A Rocha is about Christians in conservation.  Yes!  In the words of its international executive director Chris Naylor, it’s “an international organisation which, inspired by God’s love, engages in scientific research, environmental education and community-based conservation projects”. 

The name is Portuguese and means The Rock.



A Rocha has 5 core commitments, all very practical:


The December 2012 issue of A Rocha International News focused on arts and crafts—music and drama and painting and all—“using the arts to change hearts”.  They used clay, quilting, song, poetry, prose, and of course paint itself.  They even used blocks of snow!  The April 2013 issue, right now hot off the press, talks about Kenya’s coral reefs, freshwater habitats (the healing power of a Ugandan swamp), New Zealand volunteers caring for their waterways, and restoring a salmon river in Canada.



A Rocha International has an impressive website, which has just begun a new blog series: John Stott and A Rocha’s commitments“John was a great friend to A Rocha.  He was also a great Christian: what can we learn, from the way he lived his life, about how we should put our core commitments into practice?”  To find the website type in A Rocha International or A Rocha UK

If you are keen on conservation, this organisation will encourage you.


There are now national A Rocha organisations in 19 countries.  Australia is going to be the 20th, we hope! 


The contact person in Australia is Ruth Colman in Maitland, NSW.  You can contact Ruth at colmr@comcen.com.au.  Join the mailing list and find out how to get involved.