Buy Fairtrade for your Church

Making church fair!

Fairtrade coffee, tea and cocoa supplies for your church.
At Tribes and Nations we are here to help make your choice of Fairtrade certified coffee, tea or cocoa easy!
May we encourage you to bring everything you do as a church under His good rule. We are all daily involved in trade and so let us make our part in that supportive of fair and just systems. Our 4 ½ years in Tanzania has shown us that fairness is not the norm when you are the lowest guy on the rung.
Let us help you with the following:-
* email us and we will send you samples to “taste and see” that our quality is good.
* 30 day accounts for all churches
* a full Fairtrade range from fresh roasted coffee to more than 30 tea varieties to cocoa.
* Efficient and friendly service
* a 10% discount on all our fresh roasted coffees with freight at cost
We exist to help you put into practice the “remembrance of the poor” found in Galatians 2: 10. In the surrounding verses we receive a ‘fly on the wall’ view of the carving up of world mission.  Paul will go to the Gentiles while Peter and his crew will take responsibility for the Jews. What a world changing moment that was when the current leaders of the church placed the roadmap of gospel movement to every corner of the globe. And as they made that decision there was a pause, Peter insisted that as Paul goes out he “remembers the poor”. It seemed there was no discussion as Paul follows with “the very thing I was eager to do”! So for us a church on the move with Jesus is a church that remembers the poor and the weak whether they be at your back door or overseas.  Fairtrade delivers you one means of making that happen by simple, discerning purchase choices!
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