Fair trade and church

Coffee and Tea for your Church

At Tribes and Nations we are here to help make your choice of Fairtrade certified coffee and tea easy.

If you enjoy hospitality and have a keen sense justice, you can do mission work every day by serving a warm welcome at your church with a mug of delicious, Fairtrade ground coffee or Tea

Serving Tribes and Nations Fairtrade coffee and tea not only nurtures the spirit of justice in your church, it helps your church family share in fellowship with growers and their families across the world.

We seek to encourage all churches to be part of the global movement to care for the poor through Fairtrade.




With this in mind we want you to enjoy the following - 

In return, we ask that you aim to buy at least $500  worth of Tribes and Nations goods a year from us.


We desire to put into practice the “remembrance of the poor” found in Galatians 2: 10, and " We ought therefore to show hospitality to such people so that we may work together for the truth" as in 3 John 1:8

In the surrounding verses we receive a  view of  of world mission widening.  Paul will go to the Gentiles while Peter and his crew will take responsibility for the Jews. What a world changing moment that was when the current leaders of the church placed the roadmap of gospel movement to every corner of the globe. And as they made that decision there was a pause, Peter insisted that as Paul goes out he “remembers the poor”. It seemed there was no discussion as Paul follows with “the very thing I was eager to do”!

So for a church on the move with Jesus remembers the poor and the weak whether they be at our back door or overseas.  Fairtrade delivers you one means of making that happen by simple, discerning  choice.


Coffee Percolator for Church

Why not purchase an easy-to-use Birko 100 cup Coffee Percolator for only $399  from our online shop? It comes with free 3 x 250g  ground coffee packs to start. The fuss-free percolator has been a success with many churches so far, and is completely compatable with our range of ground coffee.

An introduction of a percolator adds a real buzz to coffee time. More people stay after services because of the quality of the coffee and the ‘baristas’ who serve it with pride adding to the sense of community at church. This sense of community and enjoyment of life doesn’t just stop with us but spreads to those who work hard to grow coffee beans as well.


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