Fair trade gifts

Fair Trade Gifts

We are here to help you combine your aim to find a lovely gift with your desire to know that it has a good and just story behind it. This combination means that you will give a gift of more significance than many others in the marketplace due to it being: –

each item you click on will give you some insights into the country where this was produced and the benefit it has brought the producer.


Please be assured that we never want you to buy out of sympathy without quality. Our relationship with our producer groups over many years means that they understand the level of quality we expect and are able to fulfil it. If you are new to our site please be assured by our returns policy which gives you a full refund should any product slip through our quality controls.

We are here to help you gain a better understanding of how you can live in this world with choices that bring positive outcomes for you and for the person on the ground who made your product. The feeling of disempowerment when we have this nagging doubt about what exploitation we have encouraged as we buy anything from food to clothing to electrical goods. While the fair trade movement does not touch all products let us help you make as many of those choices easy and just.

If you have any questions at all please go to our contact page or send us an email here or call us on (02) 4751 7071.

Our bottom line at Tribes and Nations is that we as Christians cannot but count all people, whether presidents or paupers, as equal under God. It is therefore impossible for us to treat them with anything but justice and fairness. We also believe that those who claim a connection with Jesus i.e. those in the church, should be in the forefront of this action.