Fair trade resources

This small, yet helpful  page of Fair Trade Resources aims to give you some concise facts and figures at your fingertips.

What is Fair Trade? Overview, producer and buyer benefits, challenges etc click here
Fair Trade resources for church from services to sermons to bible verses click here 
The Bad News about Trade! Quarterly updated list of bad trade news stories to be used as illustrations and proofs that all is not right in the world of trade. View by clicking here
Good News about Trade Good news stories about trade that relate to Fairtrade and other initiatives. Use these to show the benefits of just purchases by clicking here
Fairtrade Facts Simplified facts that bring out the key benefits of Fairtrtade, often in contrast to other lesser certifications and green washing. Click here
Why do Fair Trade? Six compelling reasons to take part. To view this article click here
A Brief History of Fair Trade To view this article click here
Coffee Facts To view this article click here
Tea Facts To view this article click here
Cocoa Facts To view this article click here
Calendar of World Days Key days to use to promote thinking and action for the poor. To view these world days click here


10 Reasons to do Fair Trade 
When you buy products marked with this label you are ........poster
Within our abilities we offer you what we are best at: practical tools and information that can help you gain clarity and understanding.
Having lived in Africa for 5 years we are able to speak from experience as to how corruption and money stand in the way of fairness, equality and dignity, which keeps poor people poor.

We are aware not everyone can go overseas to live and find this out, but we have discovered that Fairtrade gives us the chance to make difference right where we are…At Home.

We want to share this with you so in understanding you can " get a glimpse into the reality of life behind your cup of tea and celebrate the power of your everyday choices"

We also offer you worthy Fair Trade Store. of quality fair trade products, with the goal of enabiling and encouraging you to live a 'just lifestyle', with the view of living with others in mind.


One of the first clarifications to be noted are the use of the two terms "Fairtrade and Fair Trade".

1.The word ‘Fairtrade’- is the registered trademark name for all Fairtrade products that have been certified and accredited to carry the Fairtrade logo  - like the logo you see on all our Fairtrade coffee, tea and chocolate products.


2.The term ‘ Fair Trade ‘ is used for Fair Trade endorsed businesses, like Tribes and Nations, that have gone through a peer review system, that’s endorses their validity in supporting, encouraging and promoting fair trade as an alternative, valid system of trade in comparison to the current open market. In Australia it is the Fair Traders of Australia (FToA) and Internationally, it is the World Fair trade Organisation (WFTO)

This term also relates to handcrafted products.

For some current news on "Fairtrade " here is an engaging slideshow, of the Fairtrade International report   “Strong Producers, Strong Future: Fairtrade Annual Report 2013-14"where you will see the growth and viability of Fairtrade. 

You can also click here to see a short thought provoking version of the current 2015 Fairtrade Fortnight film from the UK "Why does Fairtrade matter"