International days for Fairtrade advertising

International Days for Fairtrade marketing

We have put together the following celebration and remembrance days of the world calendar in order to give you as many incisive moments for fair trade promotion. One or two of these days will no doubt be causes close to your heart where you can speak with passion. Each day we have highlighted here lends itself to an issue that fair trade addresses in one aspect of its work. Our Fair Cuppa and Store in a Box systems can help you with tools and information to help people see the difference a fair trade purchase can make.

Google "World days" or "UN International days" to find the exact date for each day for each year.

Late        World Day of Social Justice

Early         International Women's Day


Early      Fairtrade Fortnight Australia
Mid        World Fair Trade Day             
Mid       International Day of Families

Early         International Children's Day
Early        World Environment Day                     
Late        World Refugee Day

Mid        International Youth Day
Mid      World Youth Day


Early    International Literacy Day

Mid     World Kindness Day


Mid    World Food day

Mid    International Day for Eradication of Poverty

Early          International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
Mid            Human Rights Day