Just heroes

just heroes

Within these pages we will explore people who have done small and/or great things for the vulnerable. This list will include people of history and modern day people who are making their mark according to their gifts and calling

Amy Carmichael 1867-1951

Known as the “Kindly Kidnapper” for her work in rescuing hundreds of children from temple prostitution in India. She was the most unlikely candidate to do such a taxing work as she suffered from neuralgia, a disease of the nerves that could put her into bed for weeks on end. Though she had a deep respect for Indian culture and dressed as an Indian there were many times when she was confronted by local leaders demanding that a particular child be returned to their work. At one stage she faced a 7 year prison sentence for one of her kidnappings.

Amy Carmichael was a Christian whose selfless love has marked many social reformers through the ages.

In Amy’s words: “The empty river-bed ‘inherits’ the water that pours through it from the heights; it does not create that water, it only receives it, and its treasuries are filled, its pools overflow… It is so with us; our treasuries of time, our years with all their months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, are filled with the flowing treasure of love that we may help others. Who could have thought of such joy for us but He whose name is Love?”


William Carey 1761 to 1834

William Carey had a title that in today's world is very politically incorrect, he was a missionary. More than that he is said to be the father of the modern missionary movement. In contrast to the modern stereotype of missionaries, that of culture killing fundamentalists, he blazed such a trail of good development in India that it is hard to believe it is the work of one man. He:-

helped stop female infant sacrifices, child marriages and suttee (where Widows throw themselves on the funeral pyre of their husbands)
brought the printing press to India
identified Indian plant life and established the Indian horticultural Society
established the 1st college (Serampore) in Asia to award a degree
Fought usury by introducing banks
campaigned for the humane treatment of lepers
establish the 1st newspaper in India
began dozens of schools for girls and all castes
This is only a small part of his achievements in India. What came through in his self-sacrifice was his love for the people of India