Order forms and Gift cards

Order Forms and Cards

On this page you will find all your Tribes and Nations admin type files such as the up to date consumable price list, gift cards to print off once purchased etc.

Click on the link (coloured text) to start an item downloading to your computer. Once it is finished you should see it appear on the bar at the bottom of the screen so you can click on it and save it in a location of your choice. It may just open as a picture on your screen which you can click on (right click for PC users) and choose 'Save As'

Fast Order Form in Excel. Type your order into this, it calculates order total, including postage. Save it, fill it in and send it to us via the e-mail on the form.


10 Reasons to do Fair TradeFairtrade farmer as rep of 25 million

10 Bible reasons to do Fair Trade

Mission Checklist or "What does loving my neighbour/farmer really mean?"

FT benefits the Farmer

Gift Cards

The following cards are available to print off once you have made an order and paid for your card. This way your gift is ready instantly. They have large borders so will print on any printer ready for you to cut, fold, glue and present.

$25 Gift Card

$50 Gift Card

$75 Gift Card

$100 Gift Card