Resources for church services

Resources for Church Services, Prayers and Activities

Traidcraft  UK, have many resources that can be applied to church contexts here. Some are for more formal services while others are more for teaching and challenging on an individual and communal level.
They include:- service outlines, activities, prayer ideas, a Christian response to poverty and more.
The Fairtrade Foundation (the official UK Fairtrade body) has some resources that can be used in church and schools.
These include:- Worship and prayer ideas; the Church Action Guide; Fairtrade Faiths E-Newsletter etc.
One of these resources starts with this clever line
“Buying a product is a bit like eating a sausage – easy to enjoy, until you know what’s gone into making it. We need to see what goes before and after our purchases: the producers, and the impact of our consumption” 
CWS  (Christian World Services) seeks to resource the church for various justice issues. They have a some very useful service/bible study guides that can be adapted to suit your church.
They are:- Peace Sunday (early August) and Refugee Sunday (late June) which give great personal stories by way of understanding the plight of these people; 4 separate services for Fairtrade Fortnight; services to highlight other issues of poverty such as AIDS, water, sanitation and food.