The simplicity collective

The Simplicity Collective….

The Simplicity Collective is founded upon the idea that a 'simpler life' of reduced resource and energy consumption is a viable and desirable alternative to consumer culture.

Our position is that simple living will improve not only our own lives, but the lives of others, as well as help save our planet from the environmental catastrophe towards which we are so enthusiastically marching.

We must not just fall in line, then, and continue the march ‘business as usual.’ We must explore alternative ways to live. We must experiment creatively, like the artist. We must be the poets of our own lives and of a new generation. ’

 I have been receiving their newsletters for quite a while now. Their articles are intense reading, which I enjoy as part of my down time.

The topics vary, but Voluntary Simplicity, is the main theme. They have a whole section on Henry David Thoreau, a person of influence in regards to the Simple Way movement. His thoughts and actions are always inspiring. The notes this collective have, are written in modern English, which is very helpful, as my book is in old English.

The main person behind The Simplicity Collective is Samuel Alexander.

“He is a sessional lecturer and doctoral student at the University of Melbourne, Law School. Living simply and happily in a small hut that he built himself using mostly abandoned material, he spends his time quietly planning, with youthful ambition, the non-violent erasure of consumer culture.”

Why not tune into their website and get their newsletters too and see for yourself. It is definitely worth discovering.