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As we move into the era of no plastic bags, even in grocery stores, a sturdy carry bag that is ethically made from natural jute and looks wonderful, makes a good sustainable connection between home and nations across the oceans.

Beautiful African baskets made by women living in Kenya. Each one is hand-woven from tough sisal fibers in natural and richly dyed in ocean colours of Mombasa,Kenya. Sisal grows well in the semi-arid climate of eastern Kenya, and its spiky leaves contain long fibers that are extracted for weaving.

  • The leather handles makes it all the more sturdy and long lasting.
  • Each one is sold singly,  and because this is handcrafted, each one may vary slightly.

 A small choice, bringing unity as global citizens! - beautiful and useful

Size: Approx. 27 cm tall x 30 cm diam.


Each basket is an individual.

Fair Trade South Africa: made in Kenya: Handmade, Fair Trade