cushion cover mandeleo

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These beautiful African made and inspired cushion covers add a touch of colour and character to your home. Whether on the lounge, a special comfy chair or on the bed, these eye-catching cushion covers not only give you an ethical edge, being fair trade, but also give the look and feel of relaxed calm.






They are machine washable, cold water, on a gentle cycle.



As the fabrics are hand-painted, there are slight variations and differences, adding to its character.



Measurement; 45 cm x 45 cm




Fair Trade



Each cushion cover has been individually hand-painted and crafted by a person living in a village in Zambia. When painting the artisan draw on their natural surroundings of nature, colours and people.



Excellence is on their mind as they give their best in working for a fair income, while crafting goods of honesty and comfort for our homes.




Hand-Made, Fair Trade by Safari Adventure, Africa



“Our textiles mix traditional African art with contemporary designs, drawing inspiration from the stunning Zambian wildlife and surroundings. Each piece is drawn and painted by local Zambian men and women in a rich palette of hand-mixed colours, providing jobs in an area where employment is scarce.



At Safari Adventure we produce unique hand-painted textiles in the heart of the African bush.



Our objectives are simple: to create unforgettable and exquisite textiles whilst working in harmony with nature and benefiting the local community.



 We are one of the biggest employers in this region, employing over 100 people, and committed to providing sustainable employment, training and a good working environment.



We helped co-found the local community school, Malimba, which currently educates over 160 children. Originally selling to local safari lodges, Safari products are now stocked across more than 20 countries worldwide.