african wall hanging rhythm

village art.....hand-painted.... fair trade

Art done in the middle of rural Zambia seems incredulous, yet this is where our wall hangings come from. Each one has been painted in a mix of traditional art and contemporary design. If you like having a few yet distinguishing things in your home that stirs your heart, we know a piece of tribal art like this will be one.

Quality – “Each piece is handmade and completely individual. Due to the handmade nature of our pieces, visible brush strokes, small paint marks and small variations in colour can occur, adding uniqueness and character to each piece.

Our materials are 100% cotton. The paints are hand mixed. When finished the fabric is baked under the African sun. They can be hand-washed or machine washed on the coolest setting.”

Gift it – As  gifting goes you have an inspiring one-of-a-kind wedding gift on one hand and in the other, a beautiful way of speaking up for the poor through fair trade.


Measurement- 145cm x 80cm, inclusive of pocket for hanging.


 Hand-Made, Fair Trade by Safari Adventure, Africa

“Our textiles mix traditional African art with contemporary designs, drawing inspiration from the stunning Zambian wildlife and surroundings. Each piece is drawn and painted by local Zambian men and women in a rich palette of hand-mixed colours, providing jobs in an area where employment is scarce.

At Safari Adventure we produce unique hand-painted textiles in the heart of the African bush.

Our objectives are simple: to create unforgettable and exquisite textiles whilst working in harmony with nature and benefitting the local community.

 We are one of the biggest employers in this region, employing over 100 people, and committed to providing sustainable employment, training and a good working environment.

We helped co-found the local community school, Malimba, which currently educates over 160 children. Originally selling to local safari lodges, Safari products are now stocked across more than 20 countries worldwide.