beetroot ginger chutney 440 ml

Fair Trade Chutney


Black Mamba.. beetroot ginger says medium hot, but to taste it is deliciously mild with a hit of ginger. Nice chunky pieces, rich in consistency and melded flavours to have with roasts, or cheese, great for a ploughman’s lunch.



Heritage ~ African soul with Lathno fire ~ produce from small growers ~ fair trade ~ supporting women ~ sustainable farming ~ gluten free ~ 

Ingredients: apples (40%), beetroot (20%), sugar, vinegar, onions, ginger, spices, chillies

         Refrigerate after opening


Fair Trade Certified Spices and Jams from Swaziland.

This NGO project works with the rural farmers, and subsistence gardeners of Swaziland.

The fruit and chillies are brought in by the bucket load, and each family is allowed to sell even a kilo of produce for the same amount as larger growers.

Traditionally made by women, ESK supports local farmers by buying their produce at fair prices.

All profits go to support marginalised youth in Swaziland.

A household can be supported by 3 chilli bushes.