asian cooking fair trade hamper

Perhaps the most sustainable nut on the planet brings your friend/colleague all these pleasures. Whether they be BBQing, cooking or adding that extra kick at the dinner table this combination meets many a need and desire!
Hamper contents:-
2 x Coconut soy (alternative) and Teriyaki sauces 250 ml
1 x Extra virgin coconut oil 500ml Replaced with Olive oil.
2 x coconut servers from Sri Lanka (small)
1 x tea towel from Bangaldesh
1 x woven hogla basket
PRESENTATION all Tribes and Nations basket hampers will arrive with a colourful ribbon interwoven with a hemp ribbon. A small tag will be attached with the “from” and “to” details handwritten. They are presented free of cellophane, essentially naked with an absolute minimum of packaging in order to protect the contents. The vast majority of packaging will be compostable or recyclable with a handful of re-purposed bubblewrap being used on glass products. The hogla basket is of contemporary design and more specifically intended to be reused well as either a magazine holder, storage aid, pot plant holder etc.
FAIRTRADE or fair trade Every single product in Tribes and Nations hampers is either a FAIRTRADE or a fair trade product. The first refers to the international certification that mostly deals with commodities such as coffee. The second refers to mostly handcrafted goods which may have come from a charity group, a WFTO certified group or simply a micro enterprise that is improving the lives of the poor.
PRICING as you check out postage will be added to your hamper. If you are sending to remote locations we will let you know about increased post costs. When pricing our hampers we have simply added up the retail cost of each item enclosed but given a 50 to 70% discount on the cost of the basket or bag (which ever applies).
BULK ORDERS If you are sending many hampers to a single or multiple location we can help you with that. Email Grant at
CONTENTS The photos on the website are an indication of the contents of the hamper. Where for reasons beyond our control certain products are out of stock we will replace those with the equivalent quality/value product or higher.