coffee mug mama

Holding this mug in your hands, which has been made in Overberg, South Africa, seeing the mama’s in their vibrant dresses while sipping your hot cup of fairtrade coffee or tea, you can’t help but know your actions have made a difference.

Most of the crafters come from the local community where unemployment is high. Of the 120 workers, 90% are women, who have been working with the organisation for almost 10 years.

The ceramics are poured into a mould, then hand-painted. During the whole process, the mugs are fired three times, creating a glossy finish that is dishwasher and microwave safe.

• You receive one mug, which has 4 mamas in their vibrant dresses, painted on each one

. • Each one is distinctive and dishwasher proof (top shelf would be safer)

Size – 11cm tall x 8.5cm wide

Made by Kapula Ceramics, South Africa; Handmade – Fair trade

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