tielka limonada rosa leaf infusion ( 50g)

This herbal infusion features Australian organic certified lemon myrtle, which has been blended with fairtrade, organic certified lemongrass, hibiscus and rose petals.

It is caffeine free!

Health and wellbeing – relieves headaches and muscles aches, reduces tummy cramping and promotes sleep and relaxation.  You can sip this at night especially if going through a season of stress. Take this as your down time at the end of the day, when everyone is in bed. Take your time to brew it and then gently sip, as you breath deeply.  Relax and say ' this too will pass'  and pray for wisdom to know what you can do and what you need to accept. Its your time of grounding and finding balance.


Harvested by organic farmers; hand packed at Agnes Water, Queensland.



Tielka is targeting the next generation of tea drinkers who want beautiful, fresh, organic loose leaf tea that’s brewed properly, has an inspiring edge and an experience worth coming back for.

These tea loving foodies still want the English Breakfast and Earl Grey they know and love, but they want something a little fancier, something that’s hard to find, tastes a million times better and still has that air of mystique and a price worth desiring.

Finally, they want you to recognise their values. They need to know the origins are authentic, ethical and sustainable.