desert horizons bedcover

Nature and our bush-land is always a place where you get things money cant buy...
Getting out on a picnic or even sitting out in the sun is restorative.
This large, bright, colourful textile comes as a bed cover with two pillow slips, but so many people we know use it as a fun table cloth or a rug with the pillowslips filled, to be cushions.
Hand-woven and fair trade in rich earthy colours, it is one of Tribes and Nations longer lasting products; we have stocked it since we started in 2005. 

    It washes up well in cold water and we can testify to it as ours have lasted for years.

    Measurement - 280 cm x 220 cm , plus two pillow slips.

    Group : Fair Trade Handicrafts, Bangladesh (FTHB)


    FTHB specialises in capacity building. Since their inception they have trained over 11,000 artisans in skills such as marketing, production, price placement, style and quality control. By bringing many groups together like this FTHB bring the markets of the world to the door of the producers. While marketing these producer group’s products FTHB also manufacture their own fair trade items in jute, cotton, recycled materials and clay.

    Impact on poverty


    By being a conduit for these producers FTHB takes the technical and marketing work out of the hands of the producer. This enables them to concentrate on what they do best but more importantly to employ more people as FTHB brings more work to their door. In the context of Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries in the world, every labourer employed in fair trade conditions is a poverty impacting bonus.


    ..and for you..


    In buying this product you have supported a group that has fair trade at it’s heart. You have made a meaningful shopping choice that has gone way beyond the ‘average buy’ whilst sending a clear message of love to our ‘neighbours’ far away. The small card that comes with this tells you a little about FTHB, fair trade and even has a picture of one of the workers from the group who made this.