No Longer available

No Longer available

Well loved English Breakfast tea in sachet x 500. Perfect for caterers, public settings or hotels and conference centres. 

This traditional tea offers the time-honoured appeal of full-bodied pure Ceylon tea with a rich, robust flavour that can be enjoyed any time of day.

Fair Trade tea free of chemicals and preservatives

Scarborough Fair have a commitment to bringing quality Fair Trade-certified products to the mainstream market, at mainstream prices, led to Scarborough Fair's creation.

Fair Trade Tea benefits

• Working communities who are not fearful to unionise and consult with management.
• A living wage for each worker.
• Schools, clinics, dispensaries built as a result of the democratically decided use of the Fairtrade premium.
• Pension schemes that allow workers to leave the estates post retirement.
• Microfinance schemes set up for the workers from the fairtrade premium.
• Minimum levels of housing for all estate workers.

Fairtrade gives farmers the ability to plan ahead knowing the price they wil receive will take care of their families. BUilt into the Fairtrade system is a rule of buyers committing to the co-op for at least 3 harvests into the future and putting price estimates on those plans. This gives the famers renewed abilities to grow their businesses. For more on the history of tea and the Fairtrade benefits CLICK HERE